Summer Cookout Pictures are in

We had amazing weather on our Annual Summer Party at the Eidelweiss Beach on July 12.  A lot of people and kids attended our party and we had a great turnout.  Thank you for the EPOA members and volunteers for planning such a fun day for the Village.  We appreciate it.

Check out the pictures from the picture gallery.

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Eidelweiss Village Entrance Gardening Project Part II

With a second round of generous help from volunteers, the gardening project for the front entrance of Eidelweiss was completed on Saturday, June 14.  The garden looks great.  Thank you so much to the volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts to beautify our front entrance.


2014-06-14 09 updated







2014-06-14 10.01.23 2014-06-14 10.02.09

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Eidelweiss gardening work with pictures

Today we revamped the garden for the entrance of Eidelweiss Drive.  With everybody chipped in today, it took less than an hour and a half to dig out the dirt, trim down the bushes and replace it with nice loom.   The area is now ready for some nice flowers and plants for next weekend.

Thank you for all the volunteers in helping out.  We can’t wait to see the garden next weekend.



Eidelweiss entrance garden work


Eidelweiss entrance garden work


Volunteer crew for the Eidelweiss entrance garden work


Volunteer crew for the Eidelweiss entrance garden work



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EPOA Highway Cleanup

We had over 45 people who attended our Annual EPOA meeting on May 24, 2014.    Great turnout! We will post the minutes of the meeting shortly.

A bunch of members came to pitch in for the Highway Cleanup the following day.   We have almost 20 people show up, and it took us less than 45 minutes to clean up Route 113.  Each team took a small section of the highway and it went well.

Thank you very much for the volunteers who came out and helped the cleanup.

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Habitat For Humanity Yard Sale – June 6 – 7

FIRST Spring 2014 sale – June 6th & 7th! Save the Date!!  There is always a GREAT selection of quality home furnishings, decorations, building materials and other gems.  The Yard Sale will be held at the Bear Peak Lodge of Attitash Mountain Resort.

The Mt. Washington Valley HFH is having a big yard sale very soon (see link below).  Bob and Joan Gonser have been helping unload truckloads of items and there is some really good stuff, so far.  Lots of furniture, a solid oak desk (4 men to move); an oak wall shelving combination (4 large pieces in great shape); windows; venetian blinds; etc.



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Is it time for the loons to come back?

I miss hearing the loons and I am looking forward to see them coming back in spring time. This was a picture taken by Claudia Keller last summer, thank you for sending this.   If you look closely, you will see a pair of loons in the middle of this picture.  Please send me pictures at [email protected] if you happen to get a glimpse of the loons.

pictures of loon

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It’s still winter wonderland in Eidelweiss!

photo (37)

We drove up Friday night from MA and there was almost 2 feet of snow piled up here.  We went snowboarding at Cranmore yesterday and there was plenty of snow there too, but their ski season will end next weekend.

Guess what, it is snowing today now. We are looking forward to spring and kayaking in the pond.

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Is it spring yet?

We came up last night and it was a gorgeous day at Cranmore today.  Sunny and warm.  It was almost 40 degrees and the snow was awesome.  We can’t wait for spring to come.

Middle Pea Pond

Middle Pea Pond

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Snow was here!

We were driving up to Madison last night and we ran into a small snow storm already.   Are we going to have a lot of snow this year?

By the way, there were a lot of state troopers along Rt 16 too.   Watch out for the Smokey Bears!

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