The Eidelweiss Property Owners Association (EPOA) was founded in 1970 by the property owners of the Village District of Eidelweiss in the Town of Madison, NH.  EPOA provides liaison with the Commissioners of the Village and the surrounding Communities.  We are operated entirely by volunteers who have dedicated their valuable time in improving the quality of life and enhancing the social community at Eidelweiss.

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Improve Quality of Life

EPOA helps improve the quality of life for the Village according to our By-Laws. We provide and maintain the Village with playground equipment, rafts, picnic tables, boat racks, flower gardens, pond-water testing, and many other amenities that help to improve the property values of the Village.

With the tremendous efforts of our volunteers, we are able to help cleanup parts of Route 113 annually.  We conduct weekly water testing of three of our ponds, and we send the testing results to the State to ensure consistent its quality and safety.

Engage our Community

We organize regular social events and provide fun venues for the Village to get together.  Over the past years we have put together Summer Cookout/Kids’ games, annual Lobster Feast, and Steak Dinners.  On nice clear nights, we organize the amazing Star Gazing Night at the top of the Lodge.

Come Join Us!! 

It is optional to join the EPOA, but please consider supporting our efforts by paying the small yearly dues ($30 for homeowners and $15 for landowners).  Property owners within the District pay taxes to the Village District of Eidelweiss as well as to the Town of Madison.

While the Association works with the elected commissioners of the District whenever possible, it is a distinct entity and defined as an “association”.  It does not represent or in any way replace the governance of the Village District.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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