What are the differences between the Eidelweiss Property Owners' Association and the Village District of Eidelweiss?

A lot of people are confused with the differences between the Eidelweiss Property Owners’ Association (EPOA) and the Village District of Eidelweiss (VDOE).

Eidelweiss Property Owners Association (EPOA) was founded by the property owners to provide liaison with the Commissioners of the Village District of Eidelweiss, within the Town of Madison to improve the quality of life for the residents and property owners according to its By-Laws.

The Village District of Eidelweiss was formed in 1979 for the purpose of providing and maintaining roads, public water supply, and beaches. The VDOE is a municipality, and  is funded by taxes and water fees for those houses connected to the water system. The taxes are appropriated at an annual meeting (just like town meeting). The village employs a full-time highway staff and owns several municipal properties.

The Village District of Eidelweiss is sanctioned and governed by state laws. A village district may form for the purpose of establishing fire protection, police protection, water supply, and road maintenance, as well as other specialized services. A village district elects officers (Commissioners) to run the operations for which it was formed.

Are the Eidelweiss events only open for members?

All EPOA events are opened to all property owners and not just members. However, only paid members can vote at the EPOA Annual Meeting and members also get a discount rate on the social dinners.

Where is the Town Hall? And what are the hours of operation?

The Town Hall of Madison is located at 1923 Village Road, Madison NH 03849

Mailing Address:  

Town Hall of Madison
Po Box 248, Madison NH 03849
Phone: 603.367.4332

Hours: Monday – Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm (CLOSED FRIDAYS).

How do I obtain a mailbox?

You can obtain a mailbox from the Madison post office.  The number of mailboxes are limited and traditional there has been a waiting list.  The mailboxes are post office property and we have no jurisdiction over them.

How many public beaches are there in Eidelweiss?

There are 3 ponds and 5 sandy beaches in Eidelweiss.  The ponds are The Big Pea, Middle Pea, Little Pea. The 5 sandy beaches are Thusis Beach and Geneva Beach, Eidelweiss Beach, Pea Porridge Beach, and Boulder Beach.

What are the rules for the canoe/kayak racks at the beaches?

There are canoe and kayak racks located at each beach.  The racks are available to all Eidelweiss property owners on a first come, first serve basis.  You can store your canoe/kayak between April 1 – November 1.

In preparation for the winter, it is important that you retrieve your canoe/kayak by November 1.  Any leftover canoe/kayak after November 1 will be taken away and auctioned off, so you ought to pick it up before then.

Why can't I use powerboat in the Pea Porridge ponds?

According to the NH Revised Annotated Index Stature 270.93, no person shall use or operate any powerboat equipped with an internal combustion engine on the open waters of Big Pea Porridge Pond in the towns of Madison and Conway. Whoever violates this section shall be guilty of a violation.  For more information, please refer to the link below:


New to the Village of Eidelweiss

How would we get notified if there is an emergency at our house if we are not full-time residents of Madison?

We talked to the Police Department about this and you can leave your contact information with them.  They can call you if they have to get hold of you.  The number for the Madison Police Department is 603-367-8334

Here’s their website: http://www.madison-nh.org/police/

Where there is heavy traffic on Route 16, are there any good alternative routes to get around N. Conway and beyond?

It is important to anticipate when and where the backups occur. Of course, the most significant ones occur on holiday weekends. From an Eidelweiss perspective, the biggest problem is traveling north through the Mt. Washington Valley to Conway, North Conway and beyond.  The backups tend to be worse on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Other backups occur both northbound and southbound on Rte. 16 in the vicinity of the center of North Conway. One the last day of a holiday weekend, backups occur going southbound in Conway.


Northbound from Eidelweiss, there are two options:

Option 1.

  • Take Eidelweiss Drive to Town Rd.
  • Turn right on Town Rd.
  • Left on Modock Hill Rd.
  • Left on Allard Hill Rd., it becomes Tasker Hill Rd
  • Left on Rte. 153.

Follow Rte. 153 to traffic light on Rte. 16 or if backed up there, use side streets to reach Rte. 113 (then left on Rte. 113 to reach Rte. 16 intersection).

Option 2.

From Rte. 113 before reaching Rte. 16

  • Rurn right on to Cranmore Shores road, it becomes Pequaket Drive
  • Right on Quint St.,
  • Left on Tasker Hill road, then continue as with Option 1.

If you are trying to reach the Kancamagus (Kanc) Highway (Rte. 112), turn left on Bald Hill Rd. Follow signs to Darby Field Inn. Go past the inn and follow the hill down to Rte. 112. Bald Hill Rd. can also be accessed further south on Rte. 16.Beyond Conway, most are already familiar with the North-South Rd. to bypass North Conway center or the West Side Rd. to reach Rte. 302.

At the northern end of the North-South Rd. turn right on to Kearsarge, then take the first left, then another left to head back towards Rte. 16. Turn right on Pine St. and follow it to Rte. 16.

Southbound from North side of Valley:
Take left on to Hurricane Mountain Road near Scenic Vista, right on Kearsarge Rd. Follow Kearsarge (making right turn at stop sign near Cranmore), to North-South road.

Southbound from Jackson:
From Jackson, during heavy Storyland traffic, take Thorn Hill road, left on Rte. 16a. Follow 16a to where it comes out at Rte. 16 just a short distance north of Hurricane Mountain Rd.

Southbound Backups in Conway:
Bear right on to East Side Road, or turn in to shopping plaza just beyond and get to it from there. Continue over covered bridge to West Side Road. Turn left to reach Rte. 16 intersection.

That’s it – hope this helps. With these tips, we have been able to move about the valley pretty much at will.

Where can I dispose our trash?

The Madison Transfer Station is located at 219 Boulder Rd (off Conway Rd/Route 113).


You have to show a valid sticker in your car.  You can obtain a sticker from the Town Hall of Madison (M-Th 8 am – 4 pm) or via mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  To obtain stickers via mail please send a photocopy of your vehicle registration(s), the physical address of your Madison property, your phone number and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Town of Madison
Attn: Stickers
PO Box 248
Madison, NH  03849


FRIDAY   7 a.m.  – noon
SATURDAY  7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
SUNDAY  7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
MONDAY  7 a.m.  – noon


Do I need a fire permit to burn leaves/branches or start a bonfire?

Yes, you need to obtain a fire permit from Town of Madison Fire & Rescue Department.



Why is important not to leave trash outside?

The Village does not offer trash removal service.  It is important not to leave trash outside because you don’t want to turn your house into the McDonald’s of the Village!  In fact, if you want to see the black bears and their cubs, leave your berries, nuts and honey outside.  I actually know a neighbor that fertilizes their wild berries for the bear to enjoy, and I also know that raccoons love yogurt and ice cream.


What cable/internet companies service Eidelweiss?

Apparently, there is only one cable/internet service company in town and it used to be Time Warner, which was acquired by Spectrum.

Where can I find a good restaurant that's not a chain?

There are over 20 locally owned and operated restaurants in the valley.  For a list of  restaurants, check out www.theValleyOriginals.com

Where is the movie cinema in North Conway?

The movie cinema in North Conway is Mountain Mall Valley Cinema and located at 32 Mt. Valley Blvd, North Conway NH 03860 map



How can I use the Madison Town Library?

If you show proof of ownership of a home in Eidelweiss, you can obtain a Library Card from the Madison Town Library. You can also use the Library in Conway.

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